Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Beginnings!

Three Years ago my family & I moved to a beautiful, rural area in Eastern Pennsylvania. We've been blessed with just enough land to have a few critters living outside the home, along with the many critters (kids included), living inside the home. 

I wanted to raise a farm animal that was easy to maintain & could fair our sometimes bitter winter season. Most animals can handle varying conditions, but only a few that didn't require at least a daily dose of human contact.  I don't remember how I stumbled onto the Emu, but once I learned about the care & maintenance of this fantastic bird, I was hooked!

After many months of research, I was amazed by the unparalleled health benefits the emu offers. So much so, that I put my nursing career aside, jumping feet first into my own business & product line. 

Greyfeather was born!

I couldn't be happier about receiving great testimonials from those who have started using our Greyfeather products. For skin, muscle & joint conditions, our products are providing an alternative to healing for those who are tired of using remedies filled with chemicals & preservatives. 

But this blog isn't just about our products. I'll be providing great health information, tips, & special offers that I believe will be purposeful & relevant to healthy living! 

You may just come across a photo or two of our crazy farm animals, like this:

"Forrest" at 4 months.
He's my inquisitive one, .....always getting into something!

I can't wait to hear and share how others are making healthy changes in their lives & their family's lives. So all comments or questions are greatly valued & welcome!

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Have a great day!