Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Con's of Pet Ownership

Ok, MAYBE there are a few disadvantages of pet ownership. After racking my brain here's what I came up with: 

They poop.
They eat.
They bark/make noise.

They dig.
They pee, puke & chew on your stuff.
They go to the vet.
They shed. 
You can't just lock up & go.

(Sounds frighteningly similar to parenthood)

But how many really think about the disadvantages though, when the advantages of pet ownership far outweigh the inconvenience? 

Now for the good news!

Nearly 25 years of research reveals the insurmountable evidence of physical & emotional benefits of pet ownership. Here are just a few.....

Physical Benefits

Increased Longevity after a heart attack: 
Dog ownership increases the odds for survival in persons who have had a heart attack from 1 in 87 to 1 in 15. Only 6% of non-pet owners survived at least one year after hospitalization for heart problems compared to 28% of persons with pets (Friedman, 1980, 1995).

Lower cholesterol and triglycerides: 
People with pets have been found to have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels when compared to people who did not have pets, even when matched for weight, diet, and smoking habits.

Decrease blood pressure and reduce stress: 
Studies of people undergoing stress tests or physical examinations have demonstrated that the presence of a dog lowered their heart rate and blood pressure during testing (Anderson, Reid & Jennings, 1992).

Increase physical activity and functioning: 
People who own pets often have better physical health due to the need to exercise and care for their pets.  

Reduce medical appointments and minor health problems:
The use of prescription drugs and the overall cost of caring for patients in nursing homes dropped in those facilities where companion animals became part of the therapy.

Predict seizures & Hypoglycemic events:
Some people who have periodic seizures have reported that their dogs can sense the onset of a seizure or a Hypoglycemic event (low blood sugar) before it happens or the owners even sense it happening. Allowing owners to react to the pet alert prior to the episode of symptoms.

Emotional Benefits

Illness and Death: 
Children often turn to their pet for comfort if a friend or family member dies or leaves the family. Grieving adults who did not have a close source of human support were also found to have less depression if they had a pet.

Anxiety & Safety: 
Pet owners tend to feel less afraid of being a victim of crime when walking with a dog or having a dog in the home.

Stress & Relaxation: 
Pets can help us relax and focus our attention away from our problems and worries.

Physical Contact: 
This ability to have something to touch and pet is very important. More and more studies show how important touch is to our physical and emotional health.

Mood Elevation: 
Pets decrease our feelings of loneliness and isolation by providing companionship to all generations.

Pets can help ease the sense of loneliness or isolation we feel.

Everyone needs to feel needed and have something to care for. Many elderly citizens or people living alone will tell you their pet gives them a reason for living.

Consistency & Structure:
Pets provide some consistency to our lives. Caring for a pet can significantly affect our routine and gives us something to do and look forward to each day.

I suppose there could possibly be more con's of pet ownership, but this is what I DO know (being a pet owner) as fact & cannot possibly be argued by anyone. 

Every human universally wants one thing in life. We all want to be loved. Loved without condition or standards; through thick & thin, no matter who we are, what we do or how we become. 

Pets are the only creatures on this earth that provide the unconditional, selfless love we all desire. The kind of love that never asks "what's in it for me" rather, is always asking what's in it for the beloved. 

A pets love is the highest form of unconditional love we humans could have on this earth. They protect us, guide us, provide laughter & support. They ward against fear & loneliness, uncertainty and loss. A pet is more than just "man's best friend", but a love that transcends any other emotion in our souls. 


"The purity of a person's heart can quickly be measured by how they regard animals". Anonymous

Greyfeather Farm would like to see your favorite photo of your beloved pet. Submit one and be entered in our "Pet Photo of the Month"contest. Each month we will choose our favorites to post on our website & send the winner a free gift! 

Don't forget to add your comments about the benefits of pet ownership. We'd love to hear from you!

Have a glorious day!

Greyfeather Farm

1. Anderson, W.P., Reid, C.M., & Jennings, G.L. (1992). Pet ownership and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Medical Journal of Australia, 157, 298-301.
2. Friedmann, E., Katcher, A.H., Lynch, J.J., & Thomas, S.A., (1980). Animal companions and one year survival of patients after discharge from a coronary care unit. Public Health Rep, 95, 307-312.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Greyfeather Goes to School

This summer has been a whirlwind of events & activity for all of us at Greyfeather, like for most of you, I'm sure. But one of my favorite moments was my 2 year old niece who came for a visit. My family lives about 5 hours away & I don't get to see them as much as I would like. Fortunately they were able to spend a little time with us here at the "farm". 

Having 5 kids who are old enough now to at least fix their own meals, dress themselves and speak in full sentences (although, I don't really understand half of what they say), has made me forget how having a little one around, experiences the beauty,
sights & sounds of a bustling day so much differently than we "grown-ups".  

The expression on a two year olds face the first time she sees an Emu up close & personal is just ,... well,....priceless! Can you just imagine?

 Not to mention the look of wonder when a peacock spreads his tail in all his glory.

 Or holding a baby chick for the first time & naming it "fuffy",.....because that what they are,... fluffy.


Luckily my sister has the creativity & talent to compose a wonderful powerpoint presentation of all the pictures she had taken during the visit to show all of my niece's friends at daycare. The staff at the daycare were so impressed, that they shared the slide show to all the ages & classes at the center. Which couldn't make us happier at Greyfeather! 

I receive so much joy & new perspective when I attend elementary schools to talk about our Emu's. The responses, expressions & questions from children of all ages, helps me to appreciate what I can take for granted when life
becomes just "too busy". 

So if you are becoming overwhelmed with all the "busyness", or if "life" is passing you by without notice, stop for just a moment and start observing the things around you from a child's perspective. 

Is there something that you can offer at your local school or daycare that would enlighten a child's mind & imagination? If you do, I encourage you to jump at the chance. I assure you,... the learning experience will be monumental!

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Devastation, Destruction & Rebuilding

So many terrible events have happened to our country the past 9 months. The East coast being pummeled by Sandy, the shooting in Newtown CT., the bombing in Boston and now the tornadoes affecting our heartland. There are millions that have been affected by these devastating events in one way or another. Then there are millions who feel helpless wondering how they can reach out to those suffering but don't know how, or even where to start.

I received an email today from our local Habitat for Humanity notifying us on how we can be of service to those still recovering from super storm Sandy in our area.  I immediately forwarded the message to my husband & he agreed that it would be a wonderful opportunity to involve ourselves & our children in such efforts.

Sadly I admit that we are like many people in America, caught up in the busyness of our lives, that we forget that others are struggling in the midst of tragic events, when there are so many opportunities to reach out even in small ways that would positively affect those in need.

So for my first effort, I've compiled a number of resources in hopes that it will be passed along to others so that we can reach these communities & individuals that are dealing with rebuilding what has been destroyed.

Not only will it make a difference in the lives of those in need,......but also make a significant difference in the lives of those who are reaching out.

How the Public Can Help Disaster Victims

Ways to Help

Assisting People With Disabilities in a Disaster

Helping Families in Distress

Habitat for Humanity

Animals in Disasters

Have a great day!

Greyfeather Farm

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Bird's The Word!

We get all kinds of questions from customers & the public, not only about our products but about the Emu itself, so I wanted to post a little info-blog to help answer some of those questions, so here it goes.....

When I tell people that we raise emu's, often times I get:

"Oh, wow, you mean those Lama-like looking animals?" 
No, an emu is a flightless bird that originated in Australia and are the second largest bird & cousin to the Ostrich.

"What are emu's used for?"
Emu's are raised primarily for their meat, and recognized as "Heart Healthy" by the American Heart Association. Emu meat is low in saturated fats and ranked best in 15 out of 20 essential nutrients in a USDA funded study at the University of Wisconsin. This makes it an excellent health choice for those with immune deficiencies.

"Where does the oil come from?" Or, "How do you get the oil from the emu?"
The oil comes from a pocket of fat located on their back that is removed after the emu is harvested, then fully refined into oil.

Animal lovers like myself wish there was a better way to extract the oil like "liposuction," but unfortunately that's not the case. Emu's are raised much like cattle, pigs or chickens as livestock. It is a farming industry just like any other. However, emu farmers like those who belong to the American Emu Association (AEA), are ethical & humane when it comes to their livestock. AEA members like myself give their emus the best feed and living conditions possible, unlike mass livestock producers & farmers in America. That's why emu products aren't found in every market or grocery store you walk into. AEA members & farmers educate consumers & the public about making safer & more conscious choices for a healthier lifestyle.

The meat & the oil from the emu aren't the only things used from the bird. Emu feathers are popular for crafts, hair extensions and fly fishing. The skin is used for leather goods, such as purses or footwear, and the large emerald green eggs are used for breathtaking artwork among accomplished artists.

Emu meat & oil is by far the most popular or familiar of the by-products. Which makes me wonder why more people aren't aware of the fantastic benefits of this great bird?

In all of the recent events in my area I've attended with my own product line, very few individuals have ever heard about the natural healing benefits of emu oil. Even the countless natural food store owners that I've talked to that carry emu oil products,  haven't yet heard about the new studies & benefits to educate their customers. This saddens me when I know that consumers are spending hundreds of dollars on medications & cosmetic products loaded with preservatives, chemicals and disease causing agents to look or feel better, when there is an affordable, natural, safe & effective product that has proven results.

In my upcoming posts, I'll be sharing new information about the new research studies about emu oil.  Information that can help people who suffer from IBS, high cholesterol, diabetic neuropathy, Cancer patients with radiation burns, and so much more. So don't forget to subscribe to our blog!

After all, don't you want to be using a natural product that offers great results & that is safe for you and your family?  Of course you do!

But for now, lets start you off with the benefits of Greyfeather Emu Oil & what it can do for you!

Typical Uses for Emu Oil:

Insect bites
Stretch marks
Pet & livestock skin conditions & wounds

*Emu oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

*Emu oil quickly absorbs into the skin & is fantastic when simply used as a moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling soft & hydrated. 

*Emu oil is not greasy & will not clog pores. 

*Emu oil is 100% pure, free from chemicals & preservatives just like your own natural skin!

Have a great day!
Greyfeather Farm