Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Greyfeather Goes to School

This summer has been a whirlwind of events & activity for all of us at Greyfeather, like for most of you, I'm sure. But one of my favorite moments was my 2 year old niece who came for a visit. My family lives about 5 hours away & I don't get to see them as much as I would like. Fortunately they were able to spend a little time with us here at the "farm". 

Having 5 kids who are old enough now to at least fix their own meals, dress themselves and speak in full sentences (although, I don't really understand half of what they say), has made me forget how having a little one around, experiences the beauty,
sights & sounds of a bustling day so much differently than we "grown-ups".  

The expression on a two year olds face the first time she sees an Emu up close & personal is just ,... well,....priceless! Can you just imagine?

 Not to mention the look of wonder when a peacock spreads his tail in all his glory.

 Or holding a baby chick for the first time & naming it "fuffy",.....because that what they are,... fluffy.


Luckily my sister has the creativity & talent to compose a wonderful powerpoint presentation of all the pictures she had taken during the visit to show all of my niece's friends at daycare. The staff at the daycare were so impressed, that they shared the slide show to all the ages & classes at the center. Which couldn't make us happier at Greyfeather! 

I receive so much joy & new perspective when I attend elementary schools to talk about our Emu's. The responses, expressions & questions from children of all ages, helps me to appreciate what I can take for granted when life
becomes just "too busy". 

So if you are becoming overwhelmed with all the "busyness", or if "life" is passing you by without notice, stop for just a moment and start observing the things around you from a child's perspective. 

Is there something that you can offer at your local school or daycare that would enlighten a child's mind & imagination? If you do, I encourage you to jump at the chance. I assure you,... the learning experience will be monumental!

Have a wonderful day!