Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Bird's The Word!

We get all kinds of questions from customers & the public, not only about our products but about the Emu itself, so I wanted to post a little info-blog to help answer some of those questions, so here it goes.....

When I tell people that we raise emu's, often times I get:

"Oh, wow, you mean those Lama-like looking animals?" 
No, an emu is a flightless bird that originated in Australia and are the second largest bird & cousin to the Ostrich.

"What are emu's used for?"
Emu's are raised primarily for their meat, and recognized as "Heart Healthy" by the American Heart Association. Emu meat is low in saturated fats and ranked best in 15 out of 20 essential nutrients in a USDA funded study at the University of Wisconsin. This makes it an excellent health choice for those with immune deficiencies.

"Where does the oil come from?" Or, "How do you get the oil from the emu?"
The oil comes from a pocket of fat located on their back that is removed after the emu is harvested, then fully refined into oil.

Animal lovers like myself wish there was a better way to extract the oil like "liposuction," but unfortunately that's not the case. Emu's are raised much like cattle, pigs or chickens as livestock. It is a farming industry just like any other. However, emu farmers like those who belong to the American Emu Association (AEA), are ethical & humane when it comes to their livestock. AEA members like myself give their emus the best feed and living conditions possible, unlike mass livestock producers & farmers in America. That's why emu products aren't found in every market or grocery store you walk into. AEA members & farmers educate consumers & the public about making safer & more conscious choices for a healthier lifestyle.

The meat & the oil from the emu aren't the only things used from the bird. Emu feathers are popular for crafts, hair extensions and fly fishing. The skin is used for leather goods, such as purses or footwear, and the large emerald green eggs are used for breathtaking artwork among accomplished artists.

Emu meat & oil is by far the most popular or familiar of the by-products. Which makes me wonder why more people aren't aware of the fantastic benefits of this great bird?

In all of the recent events in my area I've attended with my own product line, very few individuals have ever heard about the natural healing benefits of emu oil. Even the countless natural food store owners that I've talked to that carry emu oil products,  haven't yet heard about the new studies & benefits to educate their customers. This saddens me when I know that consumers are spending hundreds of dollars on medications & cosmetic products loaded with preservatives, chemicals and disease causing agents to look or feel better, when there is an affordable, natural, safe & effective product that has proven results.

In my upcoming posts, I'll be sharing new information about the new research studies about emu oil.  Information that can help people who suffer from IBS, high cholesterol, diabetic neuropathy, Cancer patients with radiation burns, and so much more. So don't forget to subscribe to our blog!

After all, don't you want to be using a natural product that offers great results & that is safe for you and your family?  Of course you do!

But for now, lets start you off with the benefits of Greyfeather Emu Oil & what it can do for you!

Typical Uses for Emu Oil:

Insect bites
Stretch marks
Pet & livestock skin conditions & wounds

*Emu oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

*Emu oil quickly absorbs into the skin & is fantastic when simply used as a moisturizer, leaving your skin feeling soft & hydrated. 

*Emu oil is not greasy & will not clog pores. 

*Emu oil is 100% pure, free from chemicals & preservatives just like your own natural skin!

Have a great day!
Greyfeather Farm


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